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ImageFIRST Recognizes the Importance of the Patient Experience During PX Week

Posted by ImageFIRST on Apr 21, 2017 11:40:39 AM

ImageFIRST locations across the country will soon be celebrating the fourth annual Patient Experience (PX) Week, which begins on April 24. The event is sponsored by The Beryl Institute, a global community of professionals who collaborate to improve the patient experience.

What is the purpose of Patient Experience Week?

Patient Experience Week provides time for professionals in the medical community to recognize the accomplishments of people who impact the patient experience every day. Setting aside this time helps to re-energize everyone’s efforts and remind them of the reasons why they do the things that they do every day.

Who will take part in the event?

Professionals in the medical industry in over thirty countries worldwide will be participating in PX Week. This group of people includes not just doctors and nurses, but supporting staff members at outpatient facilities, as well as vendors and other providers of services and supplies.

How will ImageFIRST be celebrating PX Week?

Like many other organizations, ImageFIRST locations that provide medical laundry services from Milwaukee, WI, and in the Chicago metropolitan area will be taking part in this event by setting aside time during their weekly huddle to discuss the purpose of PX week, and how the things that our associates do every day help shape the patient experience.

How does ImageFIRST strive to improve the patient experience every day?

Providing healthcare bedding supplies to facilities in Louisville, KY, and throughout the United States has a significant impact on the patient experience. Quality patient gowns and linens can greatly affect a patient’s perception of a facility.

For example, our Comfort Care gowns, made of a soft, cozy fabric, make patients feel more relaxed and welcome during their visit to a medical facility. A study that surveyed 1,000 patients nationwide found that their perception of the healthcare facility that switched to our Comfort Care line positively improved by at least 50% compared to previous medical gowns.

Additionally, by providing remarkable services that include linen delivery, inventory management, shelf stocking, and more, we give medical professionals more time to focus on providing quality care to their patients.

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