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How the Innovative ImageFIRST Cubicle Curtains Program can Help Prevent HAIs at Your Facility

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Jan 20, 2016 8:47:19 AM

It is an unfortunate reality that many hospital leaders and infection preventionists – 55%, according to a recent survey conducted by Infection Control Today – do not feel as if their facility’s environmental services department possesses the resources to adequately prevent the spread of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Healthcare providers are constantly on the lookout for affordable and effective measures by which they can avoid transmitting pathogens from healthcare professional to patient, or patient-to-patient, and ImageFIRST Chicago has taken on this challenge with its innovative Cubicle Curtains program, available to clients in Chicago and surrounding suburbs.

How can a change as simple as providing fresh cubicle curtains make a huge difference in preventing the spread of disease? The statistics speak for themselves.

According to a recent study by the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, which monitored 43 cubicle curtains in a medical facility over the span of 3 weeks, these curtains – frequently touched by healthcare workers prior to contact with patients, difficult to clean and disinfect, and infrequently changed – 92% of the curtains were infected with potentially harmful bacteria, including MRSA and VRE, by one week after laundering.

In conjunction with careful handwashing on the part of healthcare workers, ImageFIRST’s Cubicle Curtain program can help cut down on these bacteria by ensuring a medical provider receives automatic deliveries of fresh, sanitized cubicle curtains on a routine basis. Because these unique curtains, built to be put up or taken down in just seconds, are rented, hospitals and clinics need not worry about coming up with the capital to purchase this remarkable system. Furthermore, ImageFIRST Chicago associates change these curtains upon delivery, freeing up time for busy healthcare professionals to care for their patients instead and keeping the hospital on a documented schedule.

ImageFIRST cubicle curtains are put through the company’s patented Triple BioShield Protection Process, a laundering process that goes above and beyond regulated standards for sanitation of medical laundry. In this process, the company’s advanced wash process sanitizes the curtains, eliminating 99.999% of common contaminants, and applies a softener/protective coating to every curtain panel in order to create a “zone of inhibition” that prevents any bacteria that does land on your curtains from spreading. Finally, curtains are encased in a plastic barrier for delivery, in order to keep them clean and sanitary during the trip.

ImageFIRST Chicago also supplies the city and surrounding areas with gowns, scrubs, robes, uniforms, and linens subject to the same high standards of sanitation. Interested in preventing HAIs in your own facility? Contact the Chicago branch of ImageFIRST to inquire about receiving cubicle curtains, garments, or sheets for healthcare in Chicago, IL