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Check Our Improved Online Customer Portal Out!

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Apr 27, 2016 9:50:22 AM

At ImageFIRST Chicago, sure, we operate out of one of largest cities in the U.S., but if you think about it, we’re only a few pastures away from farm country. Close your eyes and try to picture that type of landscape. You might be thinking about lush green scenery, corn fields, grain silos, barns and purple cows. Oh, to breathe the fresh and peaceful air of a place, bucolic and timeless!


“Ah, yes! I do think of those thi…hold on just a second there. Purple cows?!!!” OK, so maybe you won’t see purple cows in your imagination, but wouldn’t that be a remarkable sight?


Well, here at ImageFIRST Chicago you will see purple cows, and by that, we’re talking about our mascot, Violet! As remarkable the idea of a purple cow is, equally as impressive and unique is our commitment to providing exceptional customer service—and that’s just what Violet represents.


When the countless clients who utilize our healthcare laundry services from Indianapolis, IN to Chicago look at Violet stamped on their product packaging, they are also looking at a company whose customer retention rate is 95%; a company that has built a milk silo—so to speak—and filled it with respect, remarkability, safety, honesty, purpose, positivity and a promise to provide patients with comfort and satisfaction, and their customers with a cost-effective solution.


One of the ways in which we took action to improve our service to you recently was by assessing the Customer Information Center, and making changes based on our clients’ feedback. We did a complete redesign, and we’re happy to announce that the improved Customer Portal from ImageFIRST Chicago is now live!


This online portal to simpler linen management is available 24/7, and comes with a sleek and clean user friendly navigation. Customers have personalized access, can easily navigate to invoice copies and inventorial details, and can download certification information for compliance documentation. Customers can easily access the portal by visiting and navigating to the Customer Login button in the top-right corner.


Better yet, our clients who need assistance will never lack having availability to our customer care team. They can either fill out this form, send us an email or call 800-368-3676 to speak with a representative directly.


Improving our Customer Portal is one of the many ways in which we continue to practice the values our mascot, Violet, preaches. When you use our healthcare laundry services (which we provide from Louisville, KY to Chicago, and everywhere in between) you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting so much more than just that. You’re getting a company (and a purple cow!) who strive to improve you and your patients’ experiences every day.